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Challenges faced by engineering – MSME of India

India is a country of MSMEs (Micro,Small and Medium Enterprises) where of every 100 industrial entities, 95 fall in the category of MSME. With the recent change in definition of MSMEs by the India government, the number will increase even further. These MSMEs play a pivotal role in the overall Industrial Development in India contributing: …

Why we have launched CPro – A buyer supplier collaboration platform

Hello.  Greetings from Team Chizel. If you are reading this article, I am assuming you already know about us, and you are well aware of Chizel’s primary business of Manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS)  In the last three years, we have worked with various industries to address different use cases in manufacturing. In 2017, we started MaaS specifically …

CPro : Collaborative procurement platform for manufacturing companies

  Manufacturing supply chain is becoming increasingly complex and the people driven approach will not work in the long haul. The process of components procurement now needs to take a more robust process and data driven approach. Communications have to be seamless and every update in the production process needs to be tracked whether manufacturing …

Efficient Procurement Process Flow

efficient procurement process flow

Procurement, as a function, is an unavoidable aspect of all business associations. To operate and help the expansion and optimization of performance, organizations acquire different goods and services from external suppliers. If organizations expect to harness the power of globalization, they have to work with the best local suppliers at the most ideal price. When procurement can enable an organization to accomplish its tactical as well as strategic goals, it is doing it right!

Procurement Vs Supply Chain Management

Measuring Purchasing Efficiency _ Purchasing KPI's

In today’s industry-driven environment, we have often come across the terms procurement and supply chain management. Even though we have heard it many times, many of us still don’t have a clearer understanding of these terms and often get confused and end up using the two words interchangeably. So today we are going to dig in a little deeper into the two and find out what exactly these two words stand for in the industry.