The foundation of any structure, be it a building, or a bridge, or a shop lies in the proper drawing and design of the construction to be created! In earlier days, when there were no 3D CAD softwares, there would be an array of skilled draftsmen who would generate these designs by hand by spending months on end in creating a dimensionally and a structurally viable design. However, these days, be it a designer or an architect, creating 3D CAD designs of the models to be created, beforehand, has been the most efficient and prominent method of getting an actual overview of how you want your resulting model to be. This potent method of generating 3D CAD designs turns out to be way better, convenient, and effective than what the earlier draftsmen had to endure. This Blog will give you insights on the best softwares for architecture.
Before providing you with a brief about some of the best softwares for creating the architectural models, let us first understand the benefits of using these softwares. In today’s world, where 3D models and Rapid Prototyping services are incorporated in almost every organization to develop a more methodical and suitable concept, the use of 3D softwares for a better envisioning of your desired projects becomes a must. Any kind of materials, textures can be made use of while generating your model in these softwares. They also help provide you with the necessary edits, re-modelling, and other changes that you desire in your final product. Although the time schedule, cost, compatibility, and many such factors affect your choice of which 3D CAD software to opt for, it’s safe to say that, until and unless you have experimented with two to three different softwares, you may not find the one that best suits your needs.
To ease the process of shortlisting the best 3D CAD softwares for architectural models, we have compiled a list of 5 best softwares that we think could do wonders to your architectural projects.

  1. ArchiCAD:

    Developed by Graphisoft, ArchiCAD is known to be one of the best architectural CAD softwares out there in the market. It makes use of Open BIM, i.e., Open Building Information Modelling which actually is a complete package for the architects out there. Owing to its advanced modelling features and functionalities, no sort of engineering and design work is beyond your reach. Be it 3D or 2D, the drafts can be easily generated, a prior visualization of the building in high precision and in a photo-realistic view can be done, simultaneously allowing you to remodel the building or the model according to your necessities. With a facility to store multi-faceted information in the respective 3D models, it acts as a perfect medium to model the interiors and exteriors of the buildings, or the urban spaces, markets, and lot more.

  2. Revit:

    Developed by Autodesk, Revit is another powerful 3D software for Building Information Modelling, i.e., BIM. Suitable for the generation of both 2D and 3D models, the output consists of various processes such as modelling, rendering, and the storage of the construction information. The use of realistic walls, roofs, doors, beams, windows and other features related to buildings, instead of the use of lines and shapes to get the desired output, makes the whole modelling process a real experience, thus giving an impetus for the architects out there. One of the scintillating features of Revit is that, any change done in any part of the model induces respective changes in the features of the model, thus saving a lot of time, cost and effort.

  3. SketchUp:

    Usually, an architect is required to initiate the design right from the fundamental and conceptual phase, and this is profoundly encouraged by making use of SketchUp. Being a marvellous and user-friendly drawing tool, it acts as a platform for enthusiastic architects out there who want to experiment with their designs, and most importantly be creative. Suitable for an organizational as well as a domestic architectural processes, the unique features and options available for individual objects and shapes make it a big yes!

  4. Rhino3D:

    is another influential 3D modelling tool. Rhino’s geometry inculcates NURBS, i.e., Non-uniform rational basis spline which is a mathematical model viable for generating and displaying curves and similar shapes, thus helping you generate accurate and flexible models and designs. Grasshopper, a graphical algorithm editor created by Rhino developers, is another addition to Rhino3D applicable for Parametric & Generative Design and unconventional modern-esque architectural models.

  5. 3D Studio Max:

    3D Studio Max
    or 3DS Max is a 3D software developed by Autodesk, which has its features and functionalities similar to that of AutoCAD. Pre-visualization of the architectural models can be implemented via this software. One of the highlights of 3DS Max are the versatile architectural plugins and their compatibility with Microsoft Windows Platforms. It is one of the most widely used softwares for architectural projects.

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