We have our own inbuilt proprietary 3D Viewer for our online application. Our team have been working really hard to introduce the following new features.

In new 3D viewer there are now different modes and options for view

The new side panel provide several options for like 

  • View mode
  • Bounding box
  • And data of the corresponding part like volume, surface area, scale and cost.

Chizel 3D Viewer


View mode

Advance view mode allows user to view part in different mode like 






Material – With material mode user can see the actual realistic view of part with selected material and textures. Good for aesthetical view and perception image for part before it is being produced 


Solid – In solid mode you see the part in animated style with edges just like any CAD software which user to understand the part geometry.

3D viewer


X-ray-  In Xray mode It is helpful to see interior and hidden geometrical features.

Wireframe –  In wireframe one can see the actual triangle structure of part file. This is good to analyze the quality of exported mesh file and tessellation of the model .


BoundingBox – this feature allows to see the boundary limits of the object i.e L X B X H  in the 3D viewer with a wireframe box with value on it. It helps user to understand its dimensions.

Not only this but the new viewer has better Rendering qualities and High performance


New features in Viewer rendering quality


Reflecting base

Better lightings



 An Direction helper is added in the viewer which shows orientation of the view in X, Y ,Z direction as per model.

Hope these features help you visualise your parts in details and better.

Upload your file here & Take a look at the new features in our Web App.