Launching GAZMO 3D – Modern CAD Viewer for Manufacturers and Machine shops

GAZMO3D Launch app
We are very happy to announce the launch of our very own Mobile CAD Viewer – GAZMO3D, this week. 

Gazmo 3D is so far the most advanced 3D CAD viewer available in the market and we have built it specifically to simplify design-to-manufacturing workflow and enable On-demand manufacturing.

Right from day one, we have been taking confident strides to empower Indian Manufacturing Ecosystem. We are partnering with new machine shops every month to expand our offerings and also to provide our partners with qualified business to fill their under-utilised capacity. As of today, we work with 200+ manufacturing partners across India involved in CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Fabrication, 3D Printing, Vacuum Casting, and Injection Moulding. To simplify the manufacturing workflow, we are continuously trying to identify and understand the reasons of inefficiency that our partners experience right from enquiry to delivery.
We have repeatedly observed that most of the manufacturing shops are run by small engineering teams who are responsible for end-to-end execution of orders starting from getting new enquiries, addressing RFQs, overlooking operations from manufacturing to quality inspection, and timely delivery. 
For higher customer satisfaction, they are willing to address an enquiry as fast as they can. But this is rarely possible, because either they are occupied with some other work, or they are not infront of the computer to check the feasibility and make the quotes. Manufacturing shops spends hours, sometime days, in making quotes and doing feasibility analysis of parts. And while this requires engineering expertise, there was no simple way, until today, to look at the designs from your mobile, check the part features and dimensional feasibility and quickly make rough estimate of parts. To solve this very problem, we decided to make a tool that allows our partners to visualise the parts / drawings anytime, anywhere. 
Gazmo3D aims to solve this very problem. We have made several features that make it easier to inspect CAD geometries through this app.
Features of GAZMO3D
One of the major highlight is our proprietary Indexing Algorithm that allows users to measure intricate features of CAD data very efficiently with distance mode, angle mode, radius mode and thickness mode. Users can Render the measurements at a single click, take screenshots of dimensions and share it with the team, clients or suppliers for most efficient communication and bringing transparency in the system.
While security is always a very sensitive topic, we strongly believe that Cloud systems are more secure than offline systems. Gazmo3D is built on a secure cloud workspace to ensure that the latest version is available for our users real-time.
We will soon integrate the app with our Cloud Manufacturing Platform to ensure seamless data storage and security. For now, we are very happy to announce the launch. 

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