If you have ever gone through the process of complex metal part prototyping, then you know how cumbersome and time-consuming the entire process is. Even when the prototype is ready it can take anywhere from several weeks to 6 months for testing, verification, and validation. Cost of bringing a new product in the market can be exorbitant due to the lengthy and expensive prototyping process.


Different Methods for Prototyping

  1. 3D Printing
  2. Sand Casting (Wood Pattern)
  3. Investment Casting (Wax Pattern)
  4. Fabricating the stock directly from metal stock
  5. Machining the metal directly from metal stock


     Each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages. Casting processes are best suited where the prototype must be made in the same material as the finished product, especially for high melting point metals. 3D printing is recommended for smaller components made of printable materials. Machining is suitable where the metal can be cut from a stock product, the complexity is not too severe, and standard processes such as milling and grinding can be used.


 What is Rapid Prototyping?

     Rapid prototyping is the process to make the metal parts to develop the working model for a new product, making sure it functions as desired, and testing its limitations. Rapid Prototyping is also known as Additive Fabrication, Laser Sintering, and Stereolithography. It is a computer-aided design technology that has been used in the engineering field for many years.


Who is AcTech?

      As you know, creating a new product is a complex process of design, market research, and manufacturing. Prototyping is a small but expensive and time-consuming part of this process. As an on-demand manufacturing service provider, we have come across many companies involved in the prototyping business, but this one company called AcTech caught our attention due to its unique approach comprising of quality and speed towards the entire process of rapid prototyping.


     AcTech produces cast unique parts and small batches for customers from various industries such as the automotive industry and its suppliers, the aerospace industry, machine, and plant manufacturers etc. AcTech has more than 20 years of experience and deep knowledge in the production, treatment, and quality control of complex metal parts. AcTech is a global company which provides all design and production processes necessary for the speedy production of complete casting parts, under one roof. From the 3D data set, AcTech produces complete castings which are ready to be installed and tested.


How is AcTech different compared to its competitors?

     AcTech employs state-of-the-art processes, combined with Computer Numerical Control (“CNC”) pattern making and CNC machining, facilitating extremely fast production of parts, that are comparable to series production. AcTech provides its customers shorter development time and reduced costs compared to other providers using conventional methods, helping the customers have a smooth production launch.


     AcTech uses innovative methods and technologies developed in-house, along with perfectly organized workflows and complete in-house management of processes. As a result, they can produce high-precision, finished ready-to-install casting prototypes in record time. Speed, reliability, and technological advances are the reasons why AcTech is a preferred service provider for its customers in the automotive, engineering and aerospace sectors.

One of the unique aspects of AcTech is their “all in” concept which provides –

Rapid Prototyping

Source: Ac Tech


  1. Replies to enquiries within 24 hours, including a quote and the shortest delivery time possible.
  2. In-house project management, construction, mold production, casting, and CNC machining.
  3. Data security audited by the customers.
  4. Certified in-house quality assurance and inspection.
  5. Punctual delivery of ready-to-install prototypes.


      AcTech puts great emphasis on innovation because each product they make presents
technological challenges. Their “all-in” concept enables them to explore multiple ways of overcoming these challenges in-house, without the need for external supplier involvement. Continuous investment in know-how and technology is their secret to success. In addition to their “all-in” concept, AcTech has certain guiding principles they abide by.

Rapid Prototyping FlowChart


High-Speed Workflow

     AcTech undertakes regular inspections of new technologies and equipment, constantly optimizing their workflows to achieve the highest quality and the best use of time. The company constantly ponders upon questions such as –

  1. How can the speed of prototype manufacturing be improved?
  2. What tools and strategies can be used to further reduce throughput times?
  3. How can they best support the customers?


The 1 st Like Thousands


     AcTech firmly believes that a prototype is only a prototype if it performs so similarly to a batch-produced component that it enables decisions to be made about future batch production. They document all manufacturing processes and measured values and make these available to the customers. As a result, along with a fully installation-ready prototype, the customers also receive valuable information and advice for planning, optimizing and preparing future batch production.




     AcTech takes data security and confidentiality very seriously. Customer information is stored securely. As work is always in different stages of production for different clients, AcTech discourages site inspections to protect the data for the customers. However, if requested by the clients, they demonstrate the production stages for the prototyping process in a designated area.




     AcTech has been a game changer in the rapid prototyping business due to their commitment to quality, the speed of prototyping, and zero tolerance policy towards delays or mistakes. Service providers in every market segment can learn from AcTech about how to excel in their respective fields by focusing on customer pain points and providing exceptional quality. More than 1000 companies worldwide trust AcTech for its unique service and efficient processes.


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