Hardware ecosystem Program

hardware ecosystem program

Hardware ecosystem program is a program designed for Early Stage hardware companies to help them with prototyping to production requirements for their hardware product

Chizel has been in the business of manufacturing parts for 5 years, and we have manufactured more than 35000 parts for 400+ companies. We have worked with number of startups as well, and While each of the startup companies come to us for manufacturing solutions, we noticed that we are unable to give special attention to their needs and requirement, purely because their requirements are small and intermittent. But if we could cumulatively look at the manufacturing demand from an incubator, we saw that we can not only pass the cost benefit to the incubated startup, we can also provide them needful recommendation to ease their market launch and go-to market faster. 

How this works?

Chizel signs an MOU with the Accelerator / Incubator / Research School that incubates and supports hardware startups. These startups could be from any field including, but not restricted to, Aerospace, Optics, Medical Devices, EVs, IOT, Home Automation, Bio Science, Industrial Engineering etc. 

Benefits & Credits offered to startups through Hardware ecosystem partners

  1. Chizel Credits
    INR 50,000/- in Chizel Credits valid for 1 year that can be used for manufacture components from prototyping to production stages using 11 technologies and 28+ materials available with Chizel. (Note: A maximum discount of 10% of order size can be utilized per order )
  2. Cloud Manufacturing Platform
    Lifetime access to pro-features of our Chizel’s proprietary  manufacturing platform.
  3. Enterprise Support
    Chizel Enterprise Support valid for 1 year.  Enterprise Support gives you access to:
    1. 24×7 access to Cloud Platform & Hardware Engineers via email, chat, and phone. 
    2. Trusted Advisory checks and guidance from our engineering team to help reduce cost, timeline, increase performance so that the product reaches market with minimum hardware iterations
  4. Content & Workshops 
    1. Free Access to the Chizel’s Technical and Business Workshops
    2. Free workshops quarterly for the incubators and incubatee startups 

How a Startup can access the program?

  • A startup can create an account on www.chizel.io (One email address per startup)
  • Once created, the identity of the startup and its incubation will be cross checked with Incubator.  
  • Once approved, a unique CREDIT COUPON will be given to the startup that will provide a discount of up to 10% on every order. 

WHY Chizel? 

    1. Digital Manufacturing Workflow: We make manufacturing simple and accessible unlike ever before. With our cloud platform, everything is in one place to bring efficiency in your workflow
  • Qualified and Vetted Network of Machines: Chizel utilizes un-utilised capacity of best in class suppliers. With our suppliers network, we are the largest on-demand manufacturing company with widest materials offerings. Chizel’s Project Engineering team is responsible for making sure that parts are done correctly and are delivered on time. 
  • Competitive Cost with Committed TImelines: We bring better service, committed delivery at same price. We have consistently maintained OTIF 95%+ 
  • Extra pair of hands: For companies with existing supplier base, we bring them a whole-suite of additional materials (72 types), processes (14 types) and capacity.
  • Data security: We understand that very important research work is being done by the incubatee companies. The customer data is not shared with anyone, including us, until the customer chooses to place an order. No need to send your files to multiple vendor for cost, timeline and feasibility.
  • Knowledge is free: Free access to our exclusive content on different manufacturing processes. We can also take free sessions on accelerating the manufacturing for the companies.

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