Happy Father’s Day to all !

Did you forget it? Or haven’t found anything ‘perfect’ for your dad yet? Looking for something really unique, out-of-the-box, and well, not cliché? Whatever be the case, we have got some pretty cool 3D printed gifts for him.

3D printed handcuffs

To start with, get him something that actually might be useful, and not just be a decorative piece. This is one of the coolest 3D printed gifts for dad, trust me. Personalize it, go crazy with designs and patterns.

Father’s day – 3D Printed Gifts for Dad – 3d printed handcuffs

Would your dad be nominated for ‘Best DAD Ever’ category?

He has been with you through thick and thin, and he is definitely the best dad ever right? So gift him a 3D printed trophy that he can proudly put up on the showcase mantle.

Father’s day – 3D Printed Gifts for Dad – Best DAD Ever

3D printed figurines

I guess, the image does the talking, just look at it. Get your father a 3D figurines and it will surely make his day!

Father’s day – 3D Printed Gifts for Dad – 3d printed Figures

3D printed phone case with personalized signature

Yeah! It’s not a normal personalized 3D printed phone case, its way more. Get your father’s signature 3D printed on these cool phone covers.

Father’s day – 3D Printed Gifts for Dad – 3d printed phone case with personal signature

3D print flower stl

No, it’s not as confusing as it might sound. Flowers are said to change the day for people. But getting fresh flowers, that just wither off and die is not very sweet. 3D print flower stl is nothing but 3D printed flowers, stl is just the format which is used to print these flowers and make it three dimensional look, making it as Good as real flowers. Cool, isn’t it?

Father’s day – 3D Printed Gifts for Dad – 3d printed flower stl

So, this Father’s Day try something out-box for your dad. Here are some more amazing 3d printed gifts for dad, which you can order in one click.