By now, we have clearly understood that there are a plethora of advantages that 3D printing offers to its customers. Let us now discuss its another aspect which has time and again proved effective and dynamic in achieving growth. Being able to manufacture parts in small batches is now a huge advantage with 3D Printing. Let us first understand the reason for small-size batch production gaining so much popularity in 3D Printing, recently. Although prototyping has been adopted by many manufacturing units for production of parts ordered in a small amount using 3D printing technology, this method isn’t that constructive in achieving large series of product manufacturing.

Disruption of Batch Production by 3D printing technology

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Small batch production by 3D printing, on the other hand, has a range of benefits for the manufacturers. Producing 100-200 parts of a product demands huge investment if done with traditional manufacturing processes like soft-tooling etc. especially when the product is still in the design and iterative phase. But with 3D Printing, producing small batches of components facilitates market validation and testing of the parts on a fewer number of clients before finalizing the part for mass manufacturing. This eliminates any need for huge fixed costs and higher investments.
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In addition to this, 3D printing has provided a platform for wide range of manufacturing and design teams to conceptualize numerous designs and thus get an overview of their physical representation. One can save loads of time starting from building up a concept, to an appropriate prototype, and then to the actual production of these materials. Basically, 3D printing aids you to change your product mix and its features within a short notice, thus helping you react promptly and efficiently to any changes in the market conditions.
Batch production of tools and products, which is encouraged by a large number of industries, has simultaneously reduced the material costs and modeling prices. The use of 3D printing in batch production has generated elegant designs, effective modeling methods, and comparatively lighter weight materials.

3D Printing technology in batch production

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) is 3D printing process which helps in batch production for part quantities less than 200-300 numbers. There are other means of batch production as well, you can find detailed insights into batch production Low Volume & Batch Production. You can also get a comparative study here.
The point of discussing these above methods is to point out the benefits received by opting for 3D printing instead of conventional processes for fewer order quantities. In the manufacturing of small batches using 3D printing, there is no need to invest in tools, or molds, or metrological instruments, thus making it a cheaper yet potent method. The biggest advantage of 3D Printing batch production apart from the costs incurred is faster lead-times. In conventional processes, one had to wait for weeks and months on end, but with 3D Printing the lead-times have been reduced to days.
You can opt for batch production with 3D Printing technology by visiting this link.