Love is an intangible feeling. It could be portrayed in the laughter in your voice or the twinkle in your eye, but the emotion itself is impossible to translate onto solid material. Or at least, it was impossible. Not anymore. The all-new Aura Pendant is breezing through cities and leaving a trail of blown minds and tears along the way. The creators of this 3D printed jewelry, a modern representation of love, shared their thoughts on how this product came to be:
“We are here to share an idea: what if you could touch your love story? What if you could wear it or give it to someone special?”

This new creation does just that. They endeavoured to construct this product four years ago, initially lacking the full scope of knowledge required to form this pendant, and then gradually working out the kinks to produce a fully finished design. They eventually created a fully functioning technology system that encaptured one’s emotions as the subject narrated their love story. The rapid heart beats, the tremble of hands and the sweaty palms were the physical proofs of one’s internal emotion. Using a myriad of sensors and such, they collected and measured such bodily giveaways to fabricate a mold unique to each one. This technology mirrors the movements of the subject whilst they’re narrating the story, and then mimics that movement onto tangible artistic design. So, much like fingerprints, your expression of love is unrepeatable and distinctive solely to you, ultimately resulting in custom 3D printed jewelry.


To test the waters and explore how the audience reacts to this design, they displayed the custom 3D printed jewelry at an art gallery in Sao Paulo (Watch the video below). To their intense surprise, not only was the crowd awed by the sheer thought of such an intimate product, but many were moved to tears by its emotional weight. Emboldened, they flew to Dubai for the same research purposes only to find an identical reaction there. They determined that love was love, regardless of religion or gender, and one simple emotion that tied humanity together. 

They then conferred with one another and eventually decided to make this product more accessible to every man, woman and child. They built an app, its simple availability making it all the more easier for any and everyone to narrate their love story and convert it into a custom jewel. The app takes the nuances of your voice, as well as your heart beat, and translates it into a distinctive artistic design that would be your pendant. This is all done real-time, and after the narration, you have the choice of choosing between three precious metals: gold, rose gold and silver. Such a gift, custom 3D printed jewelry, is something you can never go wrong with. Whether it’s for your significant other partner, your parents, a relative, or a friend. A tangible form of your love to carry near your heart is the constant reminder of appreciation and gratitude we all need.

Now, seeing as Aura has done so much for you, here’s a little something you could do for them: donate. With your help, Aura pendant could finally launch the right scale to create a very accessible Silver product, an Android version of the app and a system to collect and store all your love stories — for free.