CPro : Collaborative procurement platform for manufacturing companies

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Manufacturing supply chain is becoming increasingly complex and the people driven approach will not work in the long haul. The process of components procurement now needs to take a more robust process and data driven approach. Communications have to be seamless and every update in the production process needs to be tracked whether manufacturing is being done in house or by subcontractors

In recent times companies have started shying away from Capex investments and relying on subcontracting partners for upto 100% of their production requirements, which means that their reliance on suppliers has increased and they will more now than ever have to treat suppliers as partners at par with internal team members. The communication with them has to have formal channels rather than informal medium of calls & whatsapp. Every data needs to be tracked and converted into insights to save cost for the customers and generate profits for the supplier. 

With this in mind, we started the CPro platform for collaboration with manufacturers/suppliers/partners. The platform has been made with an intent to bring onboard the manufacturing partners as team members and ensure transparent and reliable communication.

Think of this as Slack or Microsoft teams of manufacturing with features, see full demo:

For Buyers

  1. Vendor Onboarding 
  2. RFQ & Bidding  
  3. File storage & Versioning  
  4. Order Tracking
  5. Supplier Scorecard (Upcoming)
  6. Payment Tracking & Mgmt (Upcoming)
  7. Analytics (Upcoming)


For Suppliers

  1. Profile Creation 
  2. Customer & RFQ management 
  3. PO management & Order status updates 
  4. QC and Dispatch 
  5. Invoicing & Payment tracking (Upcoming)


Digitisation today is not a choice but a necessity. All other industries be it IT, heathcare, education have gone mobile & remote. This was evident by the fact that during times of Covid, when these industries were booming we were struggling to keep the shutters open.

Although it is not possible to go 100% mobile in manufacturing, but we are taking strong strides to make parts of the process remote and digitalized.

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For demo, write to us at Ravi@chizel.io of visit the website 


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