Cool 3D Printing Ideas for Students

We are looking at a new era of innovative technology. The transformation that the world went through, from 1440, when printing press was invented or 1973, when mobile phones were launched till 1986, when 3D printing was launched, has been phenomenal. Engineers and designers have been using the 3D printing technology since a decade now, but it has caught hold of the public eye just recently. 3D printing is now a new trend now just for students, but also for architects, engineers, people in the medical field, etc. To start with, here are the coolest things to 3D print for students:

Science OK Please!

The pain that all students go through to make an assignment is worse than getting a flu. Even though computers have eased up the process but to get an edge over all the other students, you can use these 3D printing projects. From a bacteriophage to heart, kidney, solar system, print anything to impress your classmates and get brownie points from your professors.
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Stand at Ease:

Even though WhatsApp has changed our lives, we still enjoy calling up our friends and talking to them over phone. Now even more via skype and WhatsApp calls.  Not just that, this is a perfect hack for taking Handsfree selfie’s, working and taking over the phone both at a time and many more things. A phone holder that is cool, changes your room’s aesthetics and gets rid of the pain of holding the phone right by the ear for long hours, is one of the most useful 3D printed objects.
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Stack ‘em up:

Have you always had a problem that when someone calls up and you have to note down a number, you keep looking for a pen for hours before you find one? Or maybe keep forgetting where you left it? As a student we all had pencil boxes but as we grow up, the necessity of a pen stand increases. So now 3D print your own pen stand in various unique designs, colours and never lose a pen.
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Store Stamps:

Do you love changing the design of your room? Do you love DIY’s? Or maybe just want to take up a new hobby? Try Stamp collection. It’s a long lost hobby or it might just add a little unique element to your house.
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Say ‘no’ to plastic:

Store your cloth bags, on this 3D printed hanger and stay fuss free and plastic free for life.
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This will save your life:

Ever tripped on wires and know the pain? Save yourself with this hassle free most useful 3D printed object.
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Cool Paperweights:

Paperweights are objects used to keep loose papers from flying away. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs. They are of utmost importance mostly for students. Make yours more funky and cool. 3D print something like this, or maybe a much more quirkier design.
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Sticky notes stand:

The best part about preparing for exams or being a student is getting colorful and vibrant stationary. During exams, sticky notes come to the rescue when last minute revision and keeping the important terms in mind is the key. So keep your sticky notes collection in front of you wile making notes.
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Study table lamp:

Cheers to late study nights! Who burns the midnight oil now anyways? It is one of the coolest thing to 3D print.
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Cool Sound Amplifiers:

Speakers are now a very hip thing. But all speakers look very cliché and common. 3D print your own cool sound amplifiers and rock in your friend circle.
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