The day is not far when families will be planning a vacation to Mars or Moon. Instead of pictures from popular destinations such as Europe and America, social media will be full of pictures from a city on Mars. But as of today, sustaining life on Mars is still a big question. There are many areas, from food to shelter to living conditions on Mars, where a lot of innovation is going on.
      In this article, we will explore how cloud manufacturing can play an important role in this journey from the Blue Planet to the Red.   
      Cloud manufacturing is proving to be a boon for small businesses, hobbyists, and start-ups as it removes the delay, errors, and frustration associated with the traditional manufacturing process.

What is Cloud Manufacturing?

         Cloud manufacturing is a new way to manufacture products using integrated, online platforms to upload the products design specifications and managing the manufacturing process through a virtual, inter-connected pool of manufacturing resources and prototyping services


1. Advantages of Cloud Manufacturing

        With cloud manufacturing, it is easier, faster, and cheaper to produce small batches of products and prototypes. Start-ups can create new products or make improvements to existing ones as design changes and iterations are quick and less expensive. There are many advantages of on-demand manufacturing, such as-


2. Instant Quotes

          With on-demand Cloud manufacturing, you don’t have to wait for receiving quotations via email after multiple follow-ups and waiting for days. The process is much simpler. You can upload the design documents and specify the parts/material you want. Multiple manufacturing partners can provide an instant and comprehensive quotation.

3. Reduced CapEx

           With Cloud manufacturing, businesses can reduce capital expenses because Cloud software subscriptions are generally less expensive compared to upfront licensing. It also reduces the cost of IT staffing because your IT team does not need to manage the upkeep of the software, technical support, hardware maintenance or security. Cloud software provider handles all IT issues. Therefore, cloud manufacturing is ideal for small businesses with small or no IT team of their own.

4. Faster Turn Around

           Cloud manufacturing helps in speeding up the deployments by automating the communication between various departments such as sales, manufacturing, accounting etc. It is easier to manage the production and the deployment. Once an order is placed, inventory is automatically updated to reflect a more accurate count. The automation makes the manufacturing process efficient and faster.


5. Online tracking and project management

          Cloud computing platforms provide complete visibility into the status of your project and its progress. You can also make changes and review the results with the click of a few buttons.


6. Security

          Cloud service providers are aware of the security risks and have proper means to combat the threats. Security of your data is paramount to them. They also have pre-programmed security measures which prevent unauthorized access to the data. The data centers also have 24X7 cybersecurity staff to ensure the security of the physical premises. Such elaborate data security measures are difficult to manage for small businesses on their own.


Life on Mars

Making Life Multi Planetary – You want to wake up in the morning and think the future is going to be great – and that’s what being a spacefaring civilization is all about. It’s about believing in the future and thinking that the future will be better than the past. And I can’t think of anything more exciting than going out there and being among the stars.

      Settling humans on Mars is a now a global mission and all stakeholders such as NASA, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and other players like Roscosmos, China Aerospace Industry Corporation (CASC), European Space Agency (ESA) are working together to achieve it. NASA is currently hoping to have astronauts on the planet by the mid-2030s.

Finally Mars Colony

Elon Musk, who founded SpaceX, a private organization in 2002, with the goal of reducing space transportation costs and enabling the colonization of Mars, has taken this dream to the next level. SpaceX has been continuously making great strides in space travel.

Before people can be transported to Mars on the notional 2030s Interplanetary Transport System envisioned by SpaceX, a number of robotic cargo missions would be undertaken first to transport the requisite equipment, habitats, and supplies. Equipment that would be necessary would include machines to produce fertilizer, methane, and oxygen from Mars’ atmospheric nitrogen and carbon dioxide and the planet’s subsurface water ice as well as construction materials to build transparent domes for initial agricultural areas.

Basic infrastructure such as landing pads, roads, buildings, blast walls and shade walls, thermal and micrometeorite protection shields and dust-free platforms etc. need to be ready before humans can live and work on Mars. Giant robots will be taking care of creating the infrastructure using the latest technology such as 3D printing or “Contour Crafting” which can use cement to create the structures instead of plastic.

Even if permanent colonies are set-up on Mars, sustaining life initially would be challenging as everything need to be ordered from Earth. There will be numerous requirements just to survive such as oxygen cylinders, food items, energy production and storage equipment, spare parts for Mars rovers and Mars suits etc. There are many unknowns and there are no ways that humans can be prepared for every situation. There would be some things which can be conceived and designed only after landing there.

Cloud manufacturing will play an important role in this process. Assuming there will be some communication mechanism between Earth and Mars, astronauts can design the required items, specify the material and dimensions and send the specifications back to the support team on the Earth. The items can be manufactured and then shipped to Mars with the next mission.




Cloud manufacturing provides a safe, reliable, high quality, cheap, and on-demand manufacturing for the entire manufacturing life-cycle from designing to delivery.

Anticipated human colonization on Mars would be an exciting era of exploring an uncharted territory. Cloud manufacturing can play an important role in this mission by simplifying the process to invent new objects which might be essential to survive on the Red Planet.

Mars Colony

Past generations associated mysticism with space and extraterrestrial life. With missions such as the Apollo Moon landing and a human mission to Mars, future generations will look at the space and other planets just as we treat different countries on Earth.


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