Best SLA Printers in the Market Right Now

Numerous companies offer SLA and Resin 3D printers at affordable prices, used in various jewelry and dental industries. We have listed the best 5 SLA and Resin 3D printers in detail in this guide based on our in-depth research.

What Is A Resin 3D Printer?
A resin 3D printer utilizes SLA, DLP, or LCD technology that solidifies UV resin to create high-quality parts faster.

What is SLA?
SLA is popularly known as Stereolithography. This technique utilizes UV laser and mirrors (galvanometers) to cure the photosensitive resin. Chuck Hull discovered the first SLA 3D printers n 1986, and it was among the first few additive printing processes.

Many similar versions and processes came after SLA, such as DLP. However, SLA did not lose its essential to even today. It is utilized for creating prototypes and functional parts for the automobile, jewelry, and aerospace industries.
Advantages of Resin and SLA 3D printing

There are many advantages of SLA and Resin 3D printers. These include:

  • Wide variety of material
  • Precise 3D prints
  • Large-volume
  • Lower production cost
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Chemical resistant
  • High-resolution prints
  • Stiffness and strength

5 Best SLA & Resin 3D Printers
There are hundreds of Resin and SLA 3D printers available in the market. If you want to purchase one for your business, it is time-consuming and tiresome to watch out for each 3D printer that meets your business needs, especially with no experience.

The detailed overview of the top 5 3D SLA printers will make it easier to choose one as per your printing goals and needs.

ELEGOO Mars 2 Mono MSLA 3D Printer
Nowadays, it looks like the 3D printer market is brimming with new brands aiming to make this device both easily accessible and affordable for newcomers. The Mercury Plus by ELEGOO is another desktop SLA printer that offers exceptional functionality in a smaller size.

This unit is a remarkable step-up from the original Mars SLA printer by the brand. It provides an enhanced resolution of 2560 x 1620 pixels and thanks to its 6-inch monochrome LCD. This means you can get approximately 50 microns at x and y resolution compared to the previous model’s 47 microns.

Apart from its compact design, it offers a decent build area allowing you to work with larger models. It additionally boasts an excellent curing speed, delivering fast layering without wasting any time. Sadly, this likewise means the cooling fans have to spin faster, resulting in a more increasing noise floor than average.

However, that must in no way be a deal-breaker if you’re looking for a high-quality SLA printer at a pocket-friendly price.
Although it might not be appropriate for commercial use, if you’re a casual user who likes 3D print as a hobby, this one is the best SLA printer that you can buy.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design
  • Excellent build area
  • A fast layer curing period
  • Impressive print resolution and quality

Anycubic Photon S
Anycubic, a Chinese manufacturer, developed the cheapest SLA 3D printer, Proton S. It provides complicated 3D prints. It is an enhanced version of Original Proton. It utilizes UV Lamp to cure the plastic resin.

It has a 5.2 inches 2K LCD screen that assists you in monitoring the printing process. The printing quality is exceptional.

The printing speed is industrial-grade, which is nearly 15 to 18 mm per second. It is an excellent choice for producing figurines, jewelry, and other small models.
The machine has a print volume of around 115 x 65 x 65 mm and is priced at $419 with a one-year and 3-month warranty for the LCD screen.

With a high rating of 51 microns of XY resolution, this unit can easily produce 2560×1620 pixels without complaints. This means you can get extreme levels of details and surface quality without spending a lot.

Moreover, the unit features a 2k resolution monochrome LCD. Since monochrome LCDs are genuinely better than colored ones, this is the perfect feature to have. It is additionally highly energy-efficient and durable, so you do not need to worry about increasing electricity costs, even if you use it regularly.

Highlighted Features:

  • It comes at an entry-level price point
  • Excellent print quality and speed
  • Delivers 51 microns of XY resolution
  • Energy-efficient design

XYZprinting Nobel 1.0 A
XYZPrinting is famous for producing the best 3D printers. At first, the organization used to produce low-cost FDM 3D printers; later, it began manufacturing resin 3D printers when the demand for good SLA printers increased.

Noble 1.0 A is one of the advanced versions of Nobel 1.0. ‘A’ stands for ‘Advanced.’ It has a print volume of around 128 x 128 x 200 mm and operates on XYZ Ware Nobel Software that is pocket-friendly and user-friendly. The user can simply upload the STL files through the USB cable or key for 3D printing.

The machine can cost you around $1995.95 and is a good choice for those who wish to do long-term 3D printing.

Highlighted features

  • Automatic resin filler
  • Produces very high-quality prints
  • Decent build volume
  • Resin monitoring system

Creality LD-002H
For many people, Creality is the go-to brand when it comes to 3D printers. The LD-002H, despite its modest price tag, is loaded with features that put many of the top 3D printers to shame. This unit is an upgraded version of their older LD-002R model and deserves a rightful place as one of the best cost-effective SLA printers.

The unit has a monochrome LCD screen with a resolution of 1620 x 2560pixels which delivers stunning details in every print. The printing speed is also quite excellent, giving you a curing time of around 1 or 2 seconds for each layer.

It is also no slouch for the building area, offering a nearly 130 x 82 mm dimension for you to work with. Thus, you’ll be able to make miniatures without struggling for space. Moreover, its simple design makes it easy to work with, even if you do not have broad experience with this sort of device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Features an activated carbon filter
  • Monochrome 2k LCD screen
  • Excellent printing speed
  • Easy to use

Uniz Slash Pro
A Californian company named Uniz manufactured Slash Pro for professional usage. It is ideally based on LCD technology for 3D printing. It has a build volume of around 192 x 120 x 400 mm and is highly compatible will all five common types of resins.
The printer provides a layer resolution of 10, 25, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 300 micrometers.

The machine works on two modes. In normal mode, the printer utilizing normal resins. However, in the Uni-Directional Peel mode, it uses specific resins developed by the firm.

The light source is LCD which is stored in the tank. It has an optimal printing speed of around 80 mm per hour, which is impressive considering the details it can deliver. There are two different printing speeds: 600mm per hour on UDP and 200 mm on normal mode. So, you’ll be able to print larger models without any problems.

The machine comes with many connectivity options, including Ethernet, WIFI, and can even utilize a USB flash disk. Moreover, this is a desktop SLA printer, which comes in a compact, lightweight structure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Print speed of around 80 mm per hour
  • 4k resolution monochrome LCD
  • Impressive build volume
  • Premium unit that is appropriate for professional use

The demand for Resin and SLA 3D printing is increasing nowadays, as it is accurate and of high quality. There are various SLA and Resin 3D printers available in the market.

To buy a resin or SLA 3D printer, one should consider its calibration, color, connectivity, user interface, print space, print speed, build plate, printer capabilities, practicalities, and, most importantly, the cost of the printer.


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