We are ecstatic to announce that Chizel is acquired by Truventor.AI, a deep tech led manufacturing company headquartered in Australia. 

The Chizel team, in the last 5 years, has played an instrumental role in pioneering on-demand manufacturing ecosystem in India. We started our journey with 3D printing as our focus. We soon identified a new horizon to work on: distributed manufacturing backed by Technology. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted several businesses – Manufacturing being the most affected and we took this as an opportunity to re-think how we want to grow our business in the post-COVID-19 era. We re-aligned our strategy to GO GLOBAL while keeping a strong foothold in India. With this, we are very happy to find the right partner in Truventor to take our journey in on-demand manufacturing – global.

We have been in conversation with Truventor team for over 5 months now, working behind the curtains and identifying the best ways to collaborate. Today, we are officially announcing Chizel’s acquisition by Truventor.

With this acquisition, Chizel will become 100% owned subsidiary of Truventor with a highly experienced leadership team. With that Chizel founders will join the Truventor management team.

New Brand Identity.

With this acquisition, Chizel will be re-launched with a new brand identity of TRUVENTOR. We will serve our customers under this new identity starting first week of December 2020. We are committed to ensure smooth transition of our user base from Chizel to the Truventor platform. All users will continue to access their accounts now under the Truventor platform. 

Wider Offerings. Stronger Team. 

One of the biggest impacts that will come with this acquisition is in our manufacturing offerings to our customers. Truventor founding team comes with deep-expertise in SHEET Metal industry which complements well with Chizel’s core offering in CNC Machining, 3D Printing and Vacuum Casting. This will help us expand offerings to existing customers and provide them with a world class manufacturing experience.

Global Network of Manufacturing Job shops

With the combined network of Truventor and Chizel, we will be able to expand our reach not only to Indian job-shops but also to other manufacturing partners based out of EMEA, JAPAC, ANZ, NA and LA regions.


We are super excited to announce our entry into the Indian custom manufacturing industry through the acquisition of Chizel. We will leverage Chizel’s extensive batch manufacturing experience in India to deliver better business outcomes for our customers, enabled by intelligent workflows and deep-tech framework.

Soumitra Joshi
Founder, Truventor

We are confident that the acquisition will play an instrumental role in our vision to transform the Manufacturing ecosystem bolstering our presence as a customer-first company.




Yash Rane, Ravi Ranjan and Devang Saini
Co-Founders @Chizel