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How Will 5G Impact Manufacturing?

In today’s ever changing technological world, it has been a norm that communications and network technologies keep evolving faster than ever before. Every new generation of smartphones and computers encourage innovations in this variable field.

Artificial Intelligence In Manufacturing

AI + Humans

If we go back to a few decades back we can clearly differentiate how medical, manufacturing, fashion, production, and other important sectors vary with respect to today’s advancements in these fields. The transformations observed with the developing technology is primarily observed in the manufacturing industry as compared to the rest of the sectors. Watching robots …

Andrew Ng – Founder of Coursera and Google Brain is now working in AI for Manufacturing

Andrew Ng is a well-known computer scientist, executive, investor, and entrepreneur in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning. As a pioneer in the field of online learning, he co-founded Coursera and, an online curriculum for learning AI and Deep Learning. Life Andrew Ng was born in London. His parents were from Hong …