Over the last few years, it has become evident that 3D Printing technology is gathering prominence. 3D Printing is primarily being used for rapid prototyping in companies so that they can create a preliminary model of their product and get a real-world feeling of how to operate it and work on it further. Apart from that, it is now also being used in cases of low-volume manufacturing. When you talk about the Biomedical field, the need for 3D Printing has been extreme in that area as it is being used for requirements as varying as custom prosthetics for amputees to custom made implant designs.

Clearly, the need for 3D Printing is stark. An important question which arises in this case for a company is, Should you buy a 3D printer or use the services of an already established 3D Printing Service provider? This article will be answering that question for you along with all the information that you may need with the answer. So, keep reading!

3D Printing in India



3D Printing in India

Before we go deeper into our topic of discussion, I’d like to tell you about the scope of 3D Printing in India and its growth over the years. As you already know of the benefits of 3D Printing in different sectors of markets like engineering, healthcare, aeronautics, etc. we will now be discussing about what has and what has not been implemented in the field of 3D Printing in India.

  • Major multinational companies like HP and Wipro have asserted the benefits of 3D Printing in India. Both of these companies have entered the 3D Printing market clearly indicating how important it is for major manufacturers.

  • You’d also like to know that according to a report by 6Wresearch, Mumbai:

3D Printer Market in India is expected to cross $79 Million by year 2021”

  • It’s impressive to know that out of all the major cities, 3D Printing in Pune and 3D Printing in Bangalore have grown at a much more rapid pace.

Need of 3D Printing Service Providers

Returning to the topic we targeted when we started this article, when you and your company is faced with a tough decision on whether to purchase a 3D Printer or to invest in services of a 3D Printing service provider, we recommend that you go with the latter choice. Why, you may ask. Read on!

  • First of all, 3D printers are expensive. We have not reached a point in technology yet where you can simply go out and buy a 3D printer without much discussion and planning about finance.

  • Too many varieties. In recent years, the market has been flooded with a plethora of 3D printers ranging from around ₹ 20,000 to as expensive as ₹3 Crores. Now, if your eyes lit up after seeing the ₹20K price tag, read the next point.

  • Your Requirements. As mentioned above, there is a plethora of 3D printers in the market. But which one will suit your requirement? You will need to do a lot of research in this space in order to get the perfect 3D printer for your company. The problem here is that you may buy the appropriate printer for your current project, but what if your requirements change for your next project? You can’t be buying a new printer for every new project of yours. Each machine in 3D Printing caters to only a select few materials. If you have requirement in numerous materials, you cannot buy each and every 3D printer available in the market. In this case, the Service Providers help in catering to your requirements.

Due to all these reasons, it’s a better alternative to focus your energies on skills that you’re perfect at, and outsource the manufacturing task with 3D Printing to the Service Providers who are expert at it.

Chizel – The Solution You Need

Talking about 3D Printing in Pune or elsewhere in India, if your company is in need of 3D Printing services, you don’t need to look any further.
Chizel is a manufacturing enterprise based in Pune that has gone one step further from all its competition. Chizel has brought innovation to the Manufacturing market by combining it with Cloud Computing.
For a regular consumer, on-demand manufacturing becomes a very hectic process as he has to call multiple vendors and struggle with conveying the exact process and material requirements for his product. There are never ending problems in this system ranging from finding the right vendor, right machines, and material availability to the bothersome negotiations. Chizel combats this age-old process with a fresh, technology driven and transparent process that is supported by their smart manufacturing platform – COCO.

  • Using Chizel’s online platform ‘COCO’, you can upload digital files of your 3D models onto COCO.
  • In the next step, you would be inputting the materials that you plan on using to construct your model.
  • As you upload and input your preferences and choices, the algorithm at the back end of this impeccable software will dynamically be calculating and providing you with a quoted price of the actual manufactured product along with the timelines.
  • It’s fascinating how smooth and hassle-free the entire process works for you. There is no doubt that once you use this process, you won’t be looking anywhere else.

Difference between Chizel and its competitors:


  • Chizel is known for providing end to end solutions. You can depend on Chizel from the starting stage of Design Knowledge to the final stage of Supply Chain. The competitors do not take up the design and software facets of manufacturing which has to be dealt by you yourself.
  • Chizel has been built up on strong quality standards. The parts built are vetted by Chizel’s manufacturing criteria and quality standards. This assures that you only get the best out of your investment.
  • Chizel is a group of highly passionate individuals that have built a unique platform which has made an impact in the manufacturing market. The innovative combination of Manufacturing process and Cloud Computing of Chizel is an added advantage over the amazing quality products that they produce.


In this article, we have gone over plenty of topics. In conclusion, I would like to assert that 3D Printing in India has reached a point where every decently successful manufacturing company will be requiring the facilities that are powered by 3D Printing technology. We have gone over the points that clearly indicate how outsourcing the 3D Printing tasks to an established Service Provider like Chizel is better, financially and even technically. I’m sure the points covered in this article regarding service providers and Chizel, in particular, would help you in making a better decision for your firm. You can refer to the links below to add more to the knowledge you’re taking away from this article.