3d printing Examples – Log 9 Materials Makes Smoking, Safe!!

ABS vs PLA filament

“I think the conventional manufacturing would have taken us 2-3 months overall which was reduced to 1 month, including the entire time spent on prototyping. We are very happy with Chizel’s service, especially in terms of quality, precision and time taken. We were able to source the samples within days and carry forward our further tests with ease, all thanks to Chizel.” – Founder, Log9 Materials


3D printing can do everything. We should just have clear objective of using 3D PRINTING. Look how our effort for log 9 materials served as a one of the best 3d printing examples

Log 9 Materials is a young organisation founded by Mr. Akshay Singhal, Material Engineering graduate of IIT Roorkee and currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Nano technology from the same Institute. They aim to successfully commercialize Graphene based products not just as Graphene manufacturers but also as a technology and design company.
 “ PPuF #Smoke Safe “ Is an innovative Graphene based cigarette filter which reduces the risk of getting cancer by smoking up to 90%. During the testing and trial of their product at a consumer level they had to make a small no. of filter which would have a smooth plastic body made in ABS. The no. of filters to be made for testing being less, there are a handful but important reasons why conventional manufacturing was not desirable, reasons being:-

  • The costing for a small no. to be made would have not been justified
  • Time taken to make a small batch production would have been high
  • If there were any changes to be made to the product later and tested again, it would have further led to loss of time and money


How Chizel helped? 

Additive Manufacturing has a great spectrum of options when it comes to plastic with varying surface finishes available. Since Log 9 materials needed to make quick and good prototypes of their product, rapid prototyping using Additive Manufacturing was a great alternative for them. Chizel with its Additive manufacturing advocacy made one of the best 3d printing examples of all, helped company in the following ways:-

  • Making the bodies of the cigarette filter using Additive manufacturing. Since Log 9 materials needed a smooth plastic body which had to be precise and accurate in size, SLA (Stereo Lithography Apparatus) an additive manufacturing technology was used to make the prototypes. The material used had properties very similar to ABS, which would be used in the commercial product.
  • Making the surface of the prototypes smoother by post processing it and giving it a slightly  Glossy, black colour same as the actual product.
  • Helping Log 9 materials adopt Additive manufacturing to save time.


Impact and Outcome

  • The time required to make the prototype for a single test run was significantly reduced from about 7 to 8 days with conventional manufacturing to 3 days with Additive Manufacturing.
  • Testing done with the prototypes was successful.
  • The time to go to market was reduced as a result.
  • Log 9 Materials Scientific PVT LTD has successfully launched their first product “PPuF #Smoke Safe “

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