Automotive Industry In 3D Printing

With the vast involvement in racing, lots of race cars have been introduced into the market, whose efficiency has improved over time. In today’s world, where competition is cardinal, various advanced technologies and methods have been employed by lots of participants to make their racing cars stand out from the others. Recently, this practice has been shored up by the introduction of Rapid Prototyping automotive parts which magnifies the overall efficiency of the cars. Let us look into Arrabona Racing Team who have utilized this modern technology to get a better look at the impact of 3D printing on the automotive industry.

A brief into Arrabona Racing Team:

With the strong desire to be an active participant in Formula Student season in the year 2014, the journey of Arrabona Racing Team started in January 2014. Their team heralds from Szechenyi Istvan University and is sponsored by Craftunique. This team comprises of a group of adroit students of the university and have been representing Hungary for a subsequent 4th time in the Formula Student International Engineer Competition which is an international auto racing event held for undergraduates who are engaged in designing and then building their respective racing cars.

The use of CraftBot XL in Arrabona Racing Team:

The Arrabona Racing Team have made the use of CraftBot XL to get their car parts printed in bulk. The CraftBot XL performs the task by expanding the build plate, simultaneously elevating its heating capacity and the quality of the bearings to have a quieter and meticulous working. The car named ART_04 build by Arrabona Racing Team got its parts printed by CraftBot XL. It was involved in 3D printing metal car parts, 3D printing car interior parts such as steering wheel cover, an electronic storage kit, welding of the frame, etc., with excellent printing quality with 50 µm (layer resolution). CraftBot XL is quite productive because one can use any kind of material to build the model using minimum parts, thus resulting in lesser joins in the object generated.

Examples of 3D printed parts by CraftBot XL:

Having an overlook on the importance of CraftBot XL in 3D printing automotive parts, it’s equally instrumental we study about some of the race car parts manufactured by CraftBot XL for Arrabona Racing Team. PETG dome cover was 3D printed by CraftBot XL which is decked with activated carbon and HEPA filter, thus helping in filtering out the toxic fumes. Another accessory that is installed in the printing process is plexiglass door which is advantageous in holding the heat inside. These are some of the 3D printing automotive parts which make the car ideal for ABS 3D printing ensuring no interference in the ABS prints and leading to smoother and finest prints.

A beautiful example of the applications of 3D printing automotive parts can be none other than the CraftBot XL being implemented by Arrabona Racing Team. The way they design, manufacture, assemble, test, and prepare their cars using 3D printing automotive parts, simultaneously ensuring a major financial support from their management department, is worth noticing. Now that you have got an idea about the effect of 3D printing automotive parts, go employ these features in your racing car to make your car unbeatable!